About Festival


The first gourmet weekend with beer – Pivolend, was held in 2008 and for four days is was visited by almost 60,000 people who like this ancient beverage. The varied offer of beers and program was a “diversity” in which a great number of artists participated from different music genres. Surely will be remembered, for a long time, the performances of the bands LET3, LAKA, VLADA DIVLJAN, WICKEDA, LOT LORIEN, the Macedonian bands BLA BLA BLA, SETHSTAT, BAKLAVA, PARKETI, K.U.R., TONI KITANOVSKI and CERKEZI ORCHESTRA etc. Special guest of the festival was Mr. Vanja Maslov, the director of the Belgrade beer festival – Belgrade Beer Fest. On the Skopje Fortress for the first time after a long time, people had the opportunity to feel the forgotten bazaar atmosphere, which has a nostalgic feeling for older generations. Operated from prejudice, the fortress and Pivolend welcomed all people, regardless of the affiliation of any kind. Without any incidents, the fortress was filled with positive energy.


Pivolend 2009 was attended by 150, 000 visitors. Four nights, the people from Skopje had the opportunity to attend the most visited festival ever held in Macedonia, and had the opportunity to taste more than 50 kinds of beer, to taste food of any kind, and to have fun on the eight festival scenes. Despite the performances of a lot of young Macedonian bands, on the main stage, the visitors also enjoyed the performances of “Psihomodo Pop”, “Dubioza Kolektiv”, “Ateist Rap”, “Popa Shapka”, Esma Redzepova, “Parketi”, “Baklava”, P.M.G. Kolektiv”, “Agushevi Orkestar” and of course the fantastic DJ set of Stereo MC.


The third Pivolend festival, which was held from 15th to 19th September 2010 on the Skopje Fortress and the Old Bazaar, saw new records in the five days of the festival, with an attendance which was twice the previous edition of the festival. The names of the performances which will be remembered, were: “Zabranjeno Pushenje”, “Superhiks”, “Rambo Amadeus”, “TB Tracheri”, “Kosheen DJ’s”, “Orthodox Celts”, Toni Kitanovski, “Kud Idijoti”, “Bla Bla Bla”, “Pozdrav Azri”, “Motherfunky”, “BeetanTone” etc. The positive atmosphere which occupied the Skopje Fortress and the Old Bazaar is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of Pivolend.


The sheer turnout and growth from year to year with every segment of the festival ( stage, booths, attendance), impose a new imperative to expand the festival area, which will have the capacity for the massive festival. Therefore, Pivolend in 2011moved to the parking space at SC “Boris Trajkovski”. The space was specially arranged to maintain a large event and fully justified the initiative, living up to the requirements of the most numerous festival so far. Pivolend 2011 was held from 31st August to 4th September and during the euphoric 5 days of the festival, with tons of beer, 40 bands, artists and DJ’s, a diverse selection of beer, gourmet stalls, playground for adults, crafts and Pivolend corner with EuroBasket streaming. The fun on Pivolend was led by a balanced musical program for a true Pivolend atmosphere. The entertainment on the main stage peaked during the performances of Lollobrigida, Darkwood Dab, Hladno Pivo, Jura Stublic and Film, Kiril Dzajkovski, Ritam Nereda, Sintezis, Foltin, Area, Ljubojna, Esma Redzepova, Letecki Pekinezeri, High Control, DJ Slave, Belfast Food, Gillespie. Stylistically different, but equally playful was the Dance Stage, whose program was responsibility of Radio MOF.


The fifth edition of the gourmet weekend with beer “Pivolend” 2012, was held on the parking space at SC “Boris Trajkovski”. Carried by the motto “COME! LOOK! DRINK!”, the five day event of bitter-sweet temptation of the visitors, was the biggest selection of home bands and also foreign bands, a rich entertaining and musical program that was conducted on the two festival stages, diverse stands with gourmet food, the crafts bazaar, playground for adults, and the streaming of the most attractive derby matches of European football. The main stage of Pivolend 2012 welcomed the mega popular Rambo Amadeus, who came to Skopje with a new exciting concert performance. Also, the same day on Pivolend, the group from Novi Sad held a concert (DRUM’N’ZEZ). The Macedonian pop rock band Nokaut, brought the fun on a new level, on the second night of the Pivolend festival.


Иако оваа локација се покажа како одлична, сепак Скопското кале нуди една поинаква и уникатна атмосфера, па така во 2013 година, „Пиволенд“ повторно се врати во своето „родно“ место. Оваа година ќе остане запаметена по дождот кој не прекина да паѓа пет фестивалски денови, па поради тоа, посетителите добија и бонус ден.


2014 година најмногу ќе се памети по македонската музика. 100% македонски бренд беше мотото на „Пиволенд 2014“, а покрај главната бина, беа поставени уште две за промоција на млади бендови и надежни диџеи.


Во 2015 година, атмосферата ја вжештија „Блендед бру“, „Ласт експедишн“, диџеј Славе, „Фолтин“, „Мугер фугер“ и „Суперхикс“, а последниот фестивалски ден беше вистинско уживање за сите фанови на метал и панк музиката.


Деветтиот „Пиволенд“ во 2016 година го одбележаа настапите на „Рибља чорба“, „Нокаут“, Дани, Тијана, Тамара, Ефто Пупиновски, „Тотално опуштање“, „Трибјут ту Колдплеј“ и уште голем број на изведувачи кои оставија посебен белег на фестивалот.


Јубилејниот 10ти по ред „Пиволенд“ започнува на 7 август и ќе трае сè до 12 август. Поради јубилејниот роденден фестивалот ќе трае шест дена, од понеделник до сабота. Покрај музиката, овој „Пиволенд“ ќе биде посветен и на најважната споредна работа на светот. Пиво, музика и фудбал - одлична комбинација за незаборавно доживување по десетти пат на Скопското кале.

Дојди, види, испиј! Пиволенд 2017